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Default values can not be

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding FS_LIST (Type INLINE with a TEMPLATE within the DATASOURCE) and default values.

The FS_LIST itself has a default value given by the from, Options to Add / Remove / Move Up / Move Down are also configured:

  <FS_LIST name="st_link_items" hFill="yes" preset="copy">

    <DATASOURCE type="inline" maxEntries="2" useLanguages="no">


        <ACTION name="EDIT"/>

        <ACTION name="ADD"/>

        <ACTION name="REMOVE"/>

        <ACTION name="UP"/>

        <ACTION name="DOWN"/>



        <COLUMN show="no">#identifier</COLUMN>



        <ADD component="toolbar" constraint="top"/>

        <ADD component="overview" constraint="center"/>

        <ADD component="stackedview" constraint="hide"/>


      <TEMPLATES source="sectiontemplates">

        <TEMPLATE uid="link_item"/>




      <LANGINFO lang="*" label="Link"/>



When I have a look at the side architect (Preview) the default link_item is shown with a light red representation in the FS_LIST and the Content Creator tells me that the item itself can't be saved, because of validation errors. If I go into the (default) link_item and enter a value in one of the fields and remove it again I can save the link_item itself.

I actually don't know if this is an error or if this behaves like it should be.

My workaround currently:

I set the attribute preset="copy" in the FS_LIST tag and everything is working like I would assume.

Thanks in advance!

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