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Copy/paste dysfunctional in ContentCreator, using Internet Explorer 11

Hello devs,

for a customer project, I would like to try to use Internet Explorer 11 as the default browser for the ContentCreator. This works quite fine, as long as copy/paste for the section editor is not required. I have tried it multiple times varying parameters, but neither shortcut version (Ctrl+C, Crtl+V) nor context menu version of  paste seem to work.There is no error message, and there is simply no result when pasting.

I've also tried using Firefox 33 for comparison, and although the context menu version of "paste" doesn't work either and throws an error, there is at least a reference to Mozilla's Midas (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Midas/Security_preferences). Shortcut-copy/paste works fine in FF33.

Having read the technical data sheet for FirstSpirit 5.1 (Version 1.32), I understand that Internet Explorer 11 is not among the supported browsers for ContentCreator, but as I can't change the customer's general browser policies (but maybe some of the settings for all IE11s), I would like to know if some of you got copy/paste to work. Unluckily, I can't make the customer use Firefox.

So... any ideas? Your help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Jürgen Mayer

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the C&P problems are known issues corresponding to the documentmode "11 edge". You can fix this using IE documentmode "8" instead of "11".


Raphael Richter.

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Hi Raphael,

you mean by changing the http-equiv directly in the \%FirstSpiritRoot%\web\fswebedit\index.jsp ?

Because in my experience, setting the attribute just on the preview pages within the CC iFrame would have no effect regarding Copy and Paste. Would we risk to lose E-Spirit support if we change the systems index.jsp ?



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