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Copy datasource value to another field in form

Dear FS Community,

I have a combo box as defined below and it fetches the data source values for labels.

  <CMS_INPUT_COMBOBOX name="st_name" hFill="yes" singleLine="no"  useLanguages="no">

    <CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS type="database">


        <LABEL lang="*"></LABEL>





      <LANGINFO lang="*" label="Name"/>



Is there a way to copy the datasource value (st_name.value.fieldname) to an Input textbox in the same form with rules with First Spirit 5.2 May 2020 version? if so please help me with the solution.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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Hi Sathya,

take a look at: FirstSpirit Online Documentation - <ADD/> Calculating with dynamic forms

In this example a date filed is taken, some days are added and the result is stored into another field. - I guess this could also work with the value of a combobox and a text field. When the combobox is filled by a datasource you must step in a little bit deeper to get the actual field of that datasource you want to use because the combobox itself stores the whole dataset.



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Hi Sandro

Thanks for answering the question. I tried several ways but nothing helped me. Or the other way, is it possible to store st_name.value.fieldname in st_name instead of datasource identifier?

Seems <ADD> property is only helpful in case of integers and time units.

Thank you,


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Hi Sathya and Sandro,

I don't think you can do this for a combobox with type database because you can't read properties/fields of the selected entity.
In addition you can't use them in ValueServices. The question is what you want to achieve by passing the label to a textfield.

Use another rule on it to verify the label is not empty or matches another condition?

In my opinion in that case a FS_BUTTON would be your best option.

Best regards


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Hi Felix,

I want to feed the value from the data source to another utility with the label st_name. Currently,I get the unique ID out of it.

Could you please help me how I can use FS Button to achieve it?

Thank you,


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Hello Sathya,

that's pretty simple. Just add a FS_BUTTON component and as parameters pass the two fields (the comboxbox and the textfield for the name). Sth. like that (please choose better name - just used them to make it easier to understand):


<PARAM name="comboboxField">#field.st_name</PARAM>

<PARAM name="nameField">#field.st_namefield</PARAM>


Then createn Executable or for testing purposes a FirstSpirit Beanshell Script and assign it to the FS_BUTTON (FirstSpirit Online Documentation - FS_BUTTON )

The parameters are ApiRemoteFormField Objects that provide the same methods as FormField FirstSpirit Access-API

so the script would just have to get the value from st_combobox, get the name out of it and write it to st_namefield. Sth. like this (please add errorhandling and so on).


Haven't tested the script.

Best regards


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