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Context of Structure not present when calling content page in TPP

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Hi Community,

when we fetch a content page (green) with its previewId we get all the correct sections. Inside one special Sectiontemplate we check if a variable from the structure page (blue) has a certain value. When generating the site on disc thrigh the gnerate script or previewing the in site architect everything is fine. With TPP the variable is empty. Is there a way to set the structure context or do we miss something?

best regards

Jan Bogutzki

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The issue gets fixed with TPP in Version 1.1.1.

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Jan,

I created the internal ticket CORE-8415 for this.
Would it be possible for you to provide the context through other means? E.g. as a property of the page?

Greetings, Peter

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Hi Peter,

i will try this, but its not as easy as using the structure variable.

Additionally i found a bug, when generating a navigation via Navigation-Function and setting the root object this way:

    <CMS_VALUE_PARAM name="root" value='"pagefolder:"+#global.node.parent.parent.uid' />

In SiteArchitect the structure is generated and matches to the content. When using TPP there is no navigation anymore. When i write #global.ref.* to my JSON, there are only empty values. (#global.node.* references the start page)

Seems to me, there is a related bug to my first question.

best regards


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The issue gets fixed with TPP in Version 1.1.1.