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Content Creator - section template are not visible (SOLVED)


- wrong implementation of fsbutton 😄


Hello everyone,


I have problem with our Content Creator. When CC is loading then for few second there are visible section templates, but after then everything disappeared. In the browser console is nothing, also the log is empty.

Is visible only "Create section" button. 

When I also try to create section template, then Im able to select sestion template, filled and save it, but then also will disapper. (is available only in the siteArchitect)


Will be possible give me a hint?

Release version 2023.1

Version: 1.64.11

Server: helixnweb122.dc.hella.com

Server version: 5.2.230106.d05aab2 (I)

Java: 11.0.16+8-suse-150000.3.83.1-x8664 Oracle Corporation

Operating system: Linux

Application server: Apache Tomcat/9.0.80

Browser: Chrome


Thank you,



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