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Collect the contents of paragraphs


I wonder if there is a easier way than to read the created xml from tables.

After the user has made ​​a selection of paragraphs (CMS_INPUT_CONTENTAREALIST),

the contents of these paragraphs stored in a table as type xml.


We are reading this column using java from (WF).

But to read the data out from this XML is sometimes a challenge.


Is there perhaps a better way to do this?

If so can i find an example anywhere.


We use Server Version: 4.2.489.



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Re: Collect the contents of paragraphs

Hello Vincent,

is this still an open question or have you already found a solution? If so, it would be very kind, if you posted it here.

If not: Could you describe your Use-Case? Why do you try to read XML from a table? How do you read the XML? Do you use a script?

Best regards


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