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AppCenter and 3rd party applications

Dear e-Spirit customer team,

FirstSpirit offers the opportunity to integrate 3rd party applications like Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems into FirstSpirit via the new AppCenter technology.

Now, we wonder, how this basically works. The following questions might help to get a clearer understanding:

  • need the 3rd party application any modifications to allow the integration into FirstSpirit via AppCenter?
  • does AppCenter also work in WebEdit?
  • what about DAM-systems being integrated: how to allow the integration of its content into the FirstSpirit template set?
  • what about the changes in FirstSpirit 5.0?

It might be helpful to get any documentation regarding the prerequisites there. Is there any documentation available?

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Crownpeak employee

See here: App-Center Documentation. This should answer all your questions.

Short Answers: Point 1 - no, no changes should be necessary. Point 2 - no.  Point 3 - sorry, this question is not suitable for a short answer Smiley Wink. Point 5 - do you mean backward compatibility? This depends, if you use API which is denoted as "subject to change", there might be some adoption necessary in v5.

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Community Manager

In addition, we're also offering a AppCenter integration training. You'll find our training program at

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