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Adaption of project configuration settings | configuration horror

Dear FirstSpirit Community,

when offering different FirstSpirit systems for:

  • development (D)
  • quality assurance (load- and integration testing) (Q)
  • productive landscape (P)

it is essential to adapt FirstSpirit project settings  after having  created a system copy from (P) to (Q) or (D).

Up to now, the project settings within each FirstSpirit project have to be configured manually using the FirstSpirit AdminClient. For hundreds of projects a very uncomfortable way. This configuration desaster has to be done from scratch each time, the system copy is created.

Might there be a solution available, where - like the Spring Framework's PropertyPlaceholgerConfigurer - property settings might be externalized and offered in separate "*.properties"-files like:

  • <project_name>_<environment>.properties



All the properties-settings would be available within the FirstSpirit project. Depending of the system, where the FirstSpirit project is located, the corresponding property file would be read. So, the configuration horror has an end.

What's your opinion?

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I'm new here

Hello Mr. King,

I am sorry to tell you that there is no out of the box functionality available to perform the tasks you requested. A possible solution would be to implement a firstspirit service that can read the project properties from a remote configuration. One would call this service once in the project configuration, so that it would be executed only once every generation.

best regards

J. Stephan

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