Renaming Helpdesk as Technical Support

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In our continuous effort to optimize the support for our customers and partners we will reorganize the Helpdesk. We will do this in order to address the issues our international customer base is facing even better and to provide efficient support even timelier than before.

The most obvious change to you will be  that we will be renaming our Helpdesk as Technical Support. The term Technical Support is used internationally to exactly describe what we are doing: Providing great product support for all questions and challenges you might come across.

As you can imagine, changing the name to Technical Support can’t be done overnight as the old name Helpdesk is used in all of our documentation, internal systems and many more places. This is why we will gradually introduce the changes over the weeks.

The important thing for you is: If you come across the term Technical Support, keep in mind that this is exactly the Helpdesk you all have grown to like over time.

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