[RELEASE] TranslationStudio 3.0.2

Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee
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Features of this Major release:

1. Amazon Web Service Connector available.

2. TranslationHelper Plugin added to allow for immediate translations within ContentCreator using Amazon Web Service (optionally).

3. If an import of a translated file fails, a debug zip file can be created for easier bug tracking.

4. The configuration panel has been updated.

5. Reduced configuration panel (quote, connector and miscellaneous settings) accessible via TranslationStudios project component configuration (optionally).

6. TranslationStudio offers to collect system metrics to measure the performance and to provide you with an overview about its usage (no user data is collected nor any data shared with third parties).

7. Datasets can now be translated in the ContentCreator.

The release notes are attached to this post.
The new version is available for download through our Technical Support.

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