[RELEASE] SmartSearch 3.7.0

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Crownpeak employee
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We just released the latest SmartSearch version: 3.7.0. This release contains a bug fix and three new features.

When changing the synonyms the collection needed to be reloaded in order to apply the changes. This is not necessary anymore as the collection is now reloaded on saving the synonyms.

We also changed in this version the drop down of the language in the stopwords and synonyms. We used to show the technical name of the list the user is about to change. This is now replaced by the name of the language which is represented by the list.

In one of the last releases we changed the place where the field names are stored. This led to a delay for new fields to show up in the fields list until the cache picked the change up. To assist the development process this cache is now cleared on collection reload and thus changes may be picked up sooner.

In the case of a connection loss to the zookeeper the SmartSearch server tries to reconnect to the zookeeper. The reconnect strategy was changed to a random starting point with exponential backoff. This improves the stability when multiple instances try to reconnect.

We hope you like the new version and for further information please refer to the release notes.

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