[RELEASE] SmartSearch 3.0.0

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Crownpeak employee
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We just released SmartSearch version 3.0.0. This new version upgrades its Solr dependency to 8.6.3. This re-enables the Ukrainian i18n handling. For a documentation of the necessary steps, please refer to the migration documentation.

We also fixed an issue in the Smart Search Connect module regarding naming of picture fields. Prior to this version, an FS_REFERENCE type picture had a field name in Smart Search ending with "picture". This has been changed to the name of the field. As the name of the field changed, this is a breaking change and may require adjustments.

Also for Smart Search Connect customers: The CMS_INPUT_DATE are now mapped to a date field in Smart Search.

The last release added a lazy loading to the list pages. This release fixes an issue that on occasion the loading bar was always visible.

In the ongoing effort to improve the SaaS experience, we added more labels to our cloud resources. This will help us to further improve the user experience.

Lastly, we added a feature for a better handling of the hot injection and deletion. If a datageneration is active, a call to a hot injection or deletion will now return an HTTP status code of 409 (Conflict).

For further information please refer to the release notes, and we hope you enjoy the new version.

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