[RELEASE] SmartSearch 2.5.0

Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee
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We just released SmartSearch version 2.5.0. In this release is one bug fix and two new features.

Numerous configured components sometimes resulted in very long loading times or even aborted loading processes in the cockpit. This was solved by implementing an infinity scroll pagination.

SmartSearch connect now takes CMS_INPUT_DATE fields into account and copies the values to a corresponding date field in the SmartSearch document.

Solr provides a stats component to gain simple statistics for numeric, string, and date fields within the document set. These statistics are now part of the prepared search response. To use this feature, you need to extend the Groovy script of PreparedSearch as follows:

solrQuery.set('stats', 'true')

solrQuery.set('stats.field', <your-field>)

The release notes may be found at the usual place.

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