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Pixelboxx – external media management with deep FirstSpirit integration

Many companies use digital asset management (DAM) systems such as Pixelboxx to manage their media content. Pixelboxx is generally used for the central management of all ssets and the provision of media to different communication channels. In order to use  much media in First- Spirit CMS projects, the DAM system has to be integrated in the MS "The “Pixelboxx Connect” module will make Pixelboxx the leading media system for FirstSpirit. It integrates the media management functions of Pixelboxx in First Spirit’s editorial client, allowing a seamless editorial process, without any distracting system boundaries.


Pixelboxx is one of the leading enterprise DAM systems. A large number of companies se it in combination with the content management system FirstSpirit. With its comprehensive asset management functions, and support for various production processes and communication channels, Pixelboxx allows a company’s full range of assets to be managed using a single central system. FirstSpirit is also configured to allow the central management of content for various channels. The creation of an interface that connects the two systems was a natural step. That interface takes the form of the Pixelboxx Connect module, which seamlessly integrates Pixelboxx functions in FirstSpirit.

The PixelBoxx Connect module and its documentation are available for download through our technical Support.

A marketing flyer for this solution is attachted to this blog post.


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