[RELEASE] FirstSpirit™ 5.2R18 (Build 1806) released

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FirstSpirit 5.2R18 (Build 1806) is the latest release in our 5.2 branch and contains bugfixes as well as new functionality.

The release notes are attached to this post. To learn more about our release management in general please see our Release Management FAQ.

The new FirstSpirit version is available for download at http://www.e-spirit.de/download/firstspirit/5.2.1806. You need a personal login to access the download folder. Please contact our Technical Support if you do not have a personal login.

Java 9 Support: Starting with this version we are providing Java 9 support in an early access program (EAP). Switching existing FirstSpirit installations to use Java 9 requires changes to the configuration. Due to extended security checks introduced in Java 9 you will likely experience a slower than usual behaviour of the system, especially during start-up and when using dynamically loaded functionality for the first time. Please also be aware that third-party software used in FirstSpirit may not yet be fully prepared for Java 9.

Detailed information on configuration changes required and Java 9 support in general can be found in chapter 3 "Oracle Java" of the release notes attached to this post.

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