[RELEASE] FirstSpirit™ 2023.10

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Crownpeak employee
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FirstSpirit 2023.10 is the latest release of FirstSpirit and contains bugfixes as well as new functionality.

Important note regarding CVE-2023-4863 (Heap Buffer Overflow in WebP)

The vulnerability is classified as critical. Crownpeak therefore recommends a prompt update to a secured FirstSpirit version:

Due to CVE-2023-4863, the WebP library used by FirstSpirit has been updated. 

Important note regarding migration to Jakarta EE 6.0

In contrast to the phased rollout for cloud customers, on-premises customers are able to test and migrate the FirstSpirit servers once version 2023.9 or 2023.10 has been released.

However, we strongly recommend to wait with the update of productive servers at least until release 2023.11 since we aim to guarantee the compatibility for modules provided by Crownpeak with that release.


The release notes are attached to this post and available via https://docs.e-spirit.com/ .

To learn more about our release management in general please see our Release Management FAQ.

The new FirstSpirit version is available for download

You need a personal login to access the download folder. Please contact our Technical Support if you do not have a personal login.

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