[RELEASE] CaaS 2023-07-21

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Crownpeak employee
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we have published a new CaaS release last Friday. The versions contained are CaaS platform 16.18.2, CaaS Connect 3.32.3 and CaaS module 2.22.13.
As usual the release notes are available online:


Important information:

Please note that this is the last date-based CaaS release in which the CaaS components are bundled together.
This change was first announced in March and will now take effect.

Am I affected?

You are affected by this change if you rely on downloading new versions of CaaS components using the CaaS bundles that are available in our download portal.
For example: /customer-download/Modules/CaaS/2023-07-21

What changed?

Future releases of CaaS components will be available for download individually only.
This implies that new releases are available on new paths in our download portal https://file.crownpeak.com:

CaaS Connect & CaaS FSM
Old:   /customer-download/Modules/CaaS/2023-07-21/Module
New: /customer-download/Modules/CaaS/caas-connect  (or

CaaS Platform
Old:   /customer-download/Modules/CaaS/2023-07-21/Kubernetes &
New: /customer-download/Modules/CaaS/caas-platform/Kubernetes


This will give customers immediate access to the latest versions of the components and allow them to benefit immediately from new features or bug fixes.
Documentation and release notes are available at https://docs.e-spirit.com/.

Dependencies between module and platform versions will continue to be documented in the release notes of the components.
To ensure that the versions used are compatible with each other, it is essential to check the release notes.

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