[RELEASE] CaaS 2023-01-17

Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee
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Hi everybody,

we have published a new CaaS release today. The versions contained are CaaS platform 16.1.0, CaaS Connect 3.28.2 and CaaS module 2.22.0.

Please note that we introduced some deprecations around the topic of Authorization within CaaS Platform:

  • With version 15.4.0, we have added the standardized Bearer token format (Bearer <key>) to the values supported for the Authorization header. The proprietary value (apikey="<key>") currently accepted for the Authorization header will be removed in 06/2023.
    Client implementations will need to switch over to the Bearer token format.
  • With version 15.5.0, the usage of HTTP Basic Auth is deprecated and will also be removed in 06/2023.
    Client implementations currently using HTTP Basic Auth (e.g. the admin user) will have to switch to the global master api key along with the Bearer token format.

As usual the release notes are available online:


If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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