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Dieser Artikel in deutscher Sprache: Entfall der Eingabekomponente FS_LIST

One goal of the incremental software development process at e-Spirit is to maximize update security for existing projects. Incompatibilities and removal of functionalities are announced at least six months in advance in the Release Notes. With FirstSpirit Version 5.2 (8/2015) FS_LIST was marked as "will soon be dropped" and will eventually be deactivated with Version 2020-01.

Before updating to FirstSpirit version 2020-01 or higher, all FS_LIST usages must be converted to one of the supplement components (FS_CATALOG, FS_INDEX or CMS_INPUT_SECTIONLIST). A detailed migration guide projects is available in ODFS (FirstSpirit Online Documentation).

In order to minimize risk and efforts when phasing out of FS_LIST several steps will take action in the coming FirstSpirit releases:

  • 2019-11 - Deprecation warnings when using FS_LIST
    Usage of FS_LIST input components generate a deprecation warning in the log files when data is generated from an FS_LIST or a preview is generated.
  • 2020-01 - Deactivation of FS_LIST
    FS_LIST is no longer available beginning with FirstSpirit version 2020-01. As a consequence, forms with FS_LIST can no longer be edited and content in in FS_LIST will no longer be available in preview or generation. In order to minimize the risk of production problems - especially for customers with longer update cycles - FS_LISTs can temporarily be re-activated for a six-month transition period. Please contact e-Spirit Tech Support for details.
  • 2020-07 - Elimination of FS_LIST
    With updating to the FirstSpirit version of July 2020 or later, FS_LIST is no longer supported and can no longer be reactivated.

Should a server be updated despite active FS_LIST content, successful generation or content editing is no longer possible. However, existing data will be preserved in the content repository so that data loss is generally avoided. Regardless of this e-Spirit recommends updating the input components before deactivating FS_LIST to ensure a smooth transition. Please note: After the conversion to the new input components, it is no longer possible to return to FS_LIST - even after a potential server downgrade.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the migration of FS_LIST, please contact e-Spirit Tech Support.

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