FirstSpirit 5.2 Ramp-up Phase has started

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With the upcoming version 5.2 of the FirstSpirit Content Management System, e-Spirit has added a range of functional innovations and improvements which will be useful to you in your projects whether as a customer or a partner.

Why a Ramp-up phase?

The Ramp-up phase is a period in which customers and partners are able to gain some initial experience working with the new FirstSpirit version and where appropriate to begin some project development on that basis. This enables considerable planning security with regard to the new software version in your own project context. FirstSpirit 5.2 is considered production ready and has passed our quality assurance processes. You can use this release for "non-critical" projects. "Non-critical" means that customers are aware of the fact that their project plan should contain some buffer for possible bugfixes in the software.

At the same time the ramp-up phase allows e-Spirit to get some quick feedback on the practical application of the new functions and on software quality.

FirstSpirit 5.2 will become generally available for all customers on September 1st.

Please have a look at FAQ FirstSpirit 5.2 Ramp-up Phase if you like to participate in the ramp-up program.

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