CaaS v2: Dataset routes attribute may be empty since last patchday

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Crownpeak employee
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With the last patch day performed on the 5th of July a bug in the FirstSpirit CaaS Connect Module (Module Version 3.29.4) has been accidently introduced on our production environment.

The effect of the misbehavior is that for newly released Dataset documents the attribute "routes" in the CaaS database may be empty. The attribute may also be empty if you start the CaaS sync schedule in the not recommended replicationMode "FULL" (see

If your application relies on the routes attribute to be present we strongly recommend

  • to not start a schedule from FirstSpirit with a full overwrite of the CaaS data (i.e. in replicationMode "FULL")
  • to contact our customer support, referring to this community post and / or to the internal ticket id CAAS-2195. They will aid you with mitigation. Mitigation will include a short downtime of your FirstSpirit instance for the downgrade of the affected module and an optional re-sync of your project data to your CaaS instance(s).

A fix for all customers will be rolled out on the next regular Patch-Day, which is on the 2nd of August (for production environments, for development and QA environments this will be the 26th of July).

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