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Getting started with DXM (Digital Experience Management)

This is a short post in a series about getting started with the different products in the platform.

This one focuses on DXM. There's a range of video content that shows how to work with V3 - the latest CMS interface.

For all content authors, administrators and CMS developers, I recommend getting started with Training for DXM editors

It starts off with feature videos explaining the overall editing experience, targeting and personalization, image and translation management and search. It also includes deep dives into editing and content creation like steps to create new content, branching to edit existing pages and drag and drop features.

For developers, DXM Template Development Training includes videos on Crownpeak Desktop Connection (CDC), which is the best option for template creation and editing. There are also videos on best practices for using Projects and Sites
to organize templates and the basics of template development.

For all of these videos, it's best to follow along in an instance of the Crownpeak CMS. If you're a Crownpeak customer or partner and need access to a sandbox environment contact support to request a login for the training and demos instance.

I hope this helps - and I look forward to your feedback.

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