When TMF creates an alternate version of the file, call the new.aspx of the template,

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By the TMF calling the new.aspx of the template for alternate version creation, the authors can pre-execute some code that may be required on the different language files. 

In my example: I desired to have a field created that had a value that was different between the languages.  The workflow filter uses that field to determine the correct workflow path.  The issue currently is that it shows the incorrect path until the alternate file is opened & refreshed (I use the input.aspx to set the field).

But there might be some localization or field clearing that you want done, which you don't want to do on every page open, just once when created.

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Director of UX
Director of UX

Thanks for the great idea @tendenc! Keep them coming.

The DX Product team will review and we'll keep you posted here if there is progress.