[Sentara] Enhancement to Session Performance report

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Enhancement to Session Performance report

The Session Performance report report displays a list of active publishing sessions for use in identifying performance bottlenecks

Here are the details related to the Session Performance report and how it can be improved. It was discussed on yesterday’s tech call.

So I attached two screenshots to illustrate this.

One screenshot shows the Publishing Monitor with the details it provides. We use it most of the time in our day-to-day work.

Another screenshot is the Session Performance report we have been using in our releases along with the Publishing Monitor.


We’d like to propose two improvements that could convert the Session performance report into our primary monitoring tool:

  1. Add folder/asset path that was initially sent to publish like it does and shows Publishing Monitor so that we could map a folder and publishing information like we have this in Publishing Monitor.
  2. Number of errors that happened in each publishing session. It’d very important information we have in Publishing Monitor. This helps us in understanding the state of the publishing session and find potential issues that could affect a release.


We also discussed a few more improvements or additional values for the Session Performance report like:

  • Total Files Actually Published
  • Total Files to Publish
  • Total Files Skipped

they look reasonable and definitely helpful in our releases but the folder path and number of errors the most important for now.


Sentara Session Performance enhancement rqst image 1

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