Maintain a local site cache of rendered content for refreshing sites

Currently the CMS publishes rendered content to an external hosting environment.  There are times when a site needs to be refreshed for various reasons.  Today the site can be refreshed but that requires content to be re-rendered and then published to the appropriate web servers.  For larger sites this can take hours to complete.  Instead if the CMS maintained a local cached copy for each published site, the refresh process could be streamlined to a transfer process, saving hours of rendering time.

When content is published, the rendered file is created and stored on a local CMS copy of the website prior to being transferred to SFTP/S3.  Then the local copy is transferred to the appropriate web servers/S3 containers.

  • Options to re-render content or use the cached copy for site and folder refreshes
  • A method to reconcile variances between the CMS cache copy and the hosting server content.
  • A metod to access the local cache copy similar to the SFTP Mount.