Labeling Dependent Branched Assets

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Is there a way to “tag” or “label” a group of branched assets that are part of a single dependent release?  The scenario is one where we have a campaign involving many assets or new functionality where assets are dependent upon each other.  It would be incredibly convenient to associate all the dependencies together so that a single, reliable way of opening all the assets of available.  Currently, we are having to keep up with many links to many assets to bring visibility into all the files involved in a single release.


For example, our team is building v1.2.3 that involves 10 assets.  We apply a "v1.2.3" label to all 10 assets.  A URL is available to us that shows all 10 assets, so that anyone involved (developers, content editors, managers, release managers) can easily and uniformly see what is included in v1.2.3.  On top of that a history about how the label has changed would be nice to avoid "anonymous" tampering with the labeled assets not visible to all users involved.