DXM Asset Bookmarklet for Wordpress Users

Create a custom bookmarklet the same way the DQM Page Checker works that enables users via one-click obtain relevant information about the asset.  Users from Wordpress and other popular CMS are accustomed to easy ways to edit content while they are viewing the website.  Wordpress does this by attaching a navigation bar atop the website when it detects a user is logged in.  This navigation bar from Wordpress provides links to:

- edit the asset (posts, pages)

- create new assets (posts, pages, media, etc)

- popular areas of the backend (dashboards, menus, etc)

Crownpeak could provide the user with links to the following:

- edit the asset

- reports about the asset

- edit the masterpage used by the asset

- anything else that makes the authors life easier and their work more efficient

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Returning Observer

These are some good candidates for a Chrome extension. Considering you'd only need the asset ID to link to those things - could be a fairly simple 1 or 2 day dev project. I maintain one for my users, although it is only in-DXM add-ons at the moment.