DQM Relative Font Measurements

If the CSS is the following:

.mystyle {

   font-size: 16px;

   font-size: 1rem;


The DQM flags it as an issue.  The main purpose for the above redundancy is for browser compatibility.  The relative font size is used due to precedence if the browser can use it.  

The DQM should look for a relative measurement even if there is a precise font size.

Crownpeak (Retired)

Thank you very much for reaching out to us.

In this instance you are correct that an exemption can be made.

This checkpoint is currently under review as this is one of our recommendation checkpoints.

In the meantime please do reach out to our support team so the appropriate changes can be made to the checkpoint.

Director of UX
Director of UX
Status changed to: Already Supported

Hi @tendenc 

I'm setting this idea to Already Supported per @ArisRamos's message. We can update the checkpoint for you through our normal Support request process.


Elite Observer

This is not supported.  Exempting the rule prevents us from finding the real issues later.  The rule needs to be fixed to ignore ONLY if the relative size is not there and the pixel size is.

Crownpeak (Retired)

Hi @tendenc ,

I wanted to clarify that what I had meant is that you can reach out to the support team to see if a configuration change of the checkpoint can be done. Checkpoints can be modified to a certain extent by our support team, please do provide a sample page where the issue is seen so that it can be investigated.