Ability to Force a Republish

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I don't know if this exactly what we want, but it would solve several problems.  I envision this would generally be done on  routing but also maybe a checkbox like the "exclude dependencies".

Scenario A:  You file is removed from the publishing server (ticket to remove orphan for example, but we screw up).  One cannot republish that file unless they make a change to the outgoing content. 

Scenario B:  You want all your files to regenerate SearchG2 entries based on some new field you want to crawl for example. 

Scenario C:  Dependencies are messed up, and you want to republish all the dependencies. 

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Scenario D : You make a change and you get "HTML Skipped - No Change Detected" when you know there was a change to a template or component.  Right now we have to make an actual change to content that gets published (adding a space for example) until the publishing will occur.    

It appears the publishing does not look at the full HTML generated and compare it to the original.