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DQM Getting Started Guide

What is DQM

DQM (Digital Quality Management) is Crownpeak's quality management tool for websites. It works by regularly scanning your websites against a number of best practice digital policies and standards, providing reports on any potential issues.

This guide is geared towards new users and contains four videos to help you get up and running in DQM:

  1. DQM New Client Onboarding
  2. Intro to DQM Groups
  3. Intro to DQM Websites
  4. Intro to DQM Admin Functionality


Each section below contains a video and more detailed reading materials on that particular topic.

DQM New Client Onboarding

This video discusses what DQM is and what you'll need to get started.

For more information on DQM and the checkpoint library, check out these other resources:

Intro to DQM Groups

The Groups section of the website consolidates data from across all websites being scanned. This video focuses on the DQM Groups menu and walks through how to interpret and interact with the data.

To learn more about dashboards, check out the following resource:

Intro to DQM Websites

This video focuses on the DQM Websites menu and walks through how to interpret and interact with the data. This video is mostly for users whose responsibility is to find and resolve issues on their websites.

Intro to DQM Admin Functionality

This video is most relevant for DQM organizational admin users who will be managing users and groups for their websites. Note that admin features are only visible to users with admin permissions. 

Check out the Admin Tools section for more information on DQM admin duties.

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