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Finding and Fixing Issues - Using the Analyzer

How can I see where the issues are in my page?

The Analyzer tells you everything you need to know about an individual web page or other file. It shows you any issues or misspellings on the page, along with other useful information. You can click on any web page or file listed in the Website Dashboard to see it in the Analyzer.

NOTE: The Analyzer will display different information depending on the type of file that you are reviewing. The issues and spelling tabs will only be visible for the relevant file types.

Components of the Analyzer

File details

This tab shows you information about the file.

  • The left hand pane shows the file type, size, when it was first found and its title if it has one.
  • The right hand pane shows a list of other pages that have links to that file.
  • For HTML files, you can also see any alternative versions of this URL that have been found. This is useful information because multiple page aliases can cause indexing problems and data distortion for search engines and website analysis tools, as they are likely to be treated as duplicates

Page AnalyzerPage Analyzer


This tab shows you any issues where the page fails your website checkpoints. Clicking on an issue will show it highlighted on your web page for easy fixing.

Page Analyzer - Browser ViewPage Analyzer - Browser View


Certain types of errors may not be visible in Browser view. If you can't see an error highlighted, click the Switch to source view link to view it highlighted in the source code.


If you are looking at a web page, then you may also see a spelling tab. This shows you any misspellings found in the page.

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