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Tag Control: Add vendors for an unrecognised host

Tag Control: Vendors Observed From Scans

All webpages with the Omni tag are scanned repeatedly during a predetermined interval. This scan happens on the individual user level, with the intention of collecting all the tag resource URI’s that have made an external request.  The scanner is able to find many tags on the website and most of them are not registered in our database.  The list is showing hostname without the vendor information.

Question: How we can we add vendors for a different host which are not recognised by Evidon tag control? 


Missing Vendors.JPG



The new Vendor request should be submitted through https://www.evidon.com/contact-us/submit-a-tracker/.

It will create the request for our database team to add the vendor.

All they need is 

1> Tracker Name

2> Company website link

3> Tracker Pattern 


same as before