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Integration - Crownpeak + React


I have followed the steps as suggested in the below link for creating a simple react application on crownpeak.


I'm blocked at the below step,

1. "Deploy the React App to your chosen delivery tier. Create DXM Configuration"

            Where(Which location) & How should I deploy the React App?

2. "Create an Asset in DXM using the Template that we’ve configured, and an appropriate Workflow. Ensure that the workflow deploys Assets to the same target delivery location that you deployed your production React App"

            Create an Asset - Create a page?

            Deploys Assets to the same target delivery location that you deployed your production React App - Need clarity on this?

Can someone please help me on this?

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Re: Integration - Crownpeak + React

1. Crownpeak is a decoupled CMS so you will need to publish any content managed in the CMS to a content delivery server or service of some kind. You can use just about anything you want for this provided DXM can deliver files over SFTP, FTPS or S3. If you're not hosting your React app on Crownpeak hosting then you don't even need this step -- deploy your React app to wherever you are hosting directly.


2. Crownpeak does not define the notion of a "page" but rather works with assets. Assets can represent a page, a fragment of page, or content that isn't even published at all. Step 3 in the tutorial you're referring to is instructing you to create a templated asset using the template you made in step 2. Do this by going to a content folder and using the File > New > File action. You should be seeing the New File dialog where you will need to provide three things: a name or label; the template to use; and the workflow to associate with your new asset.

In order to "deploy" the asset, you will need to have workflow and publishing set up. You trigger publishing by using the workflow command to move the content asset into a workflow state that has publishing enabled.

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