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Welcome to the DXM Health Status Board. Below you will find status information for each of our DXM services.

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August 2nd @ 5:00pm MTMaintenance window for DXM We are planning a maintenance window today from 5pm to 7pm MT to resolve a file system issue. We are doing everything possible to minimize impact and anticipate most customers will see no system issues. Should you notice any problems, please review again at the end of the window. If you continue to see issues, please reach out to Crownpeak Support.

UPDATE: July 30th @ 11:12am UTC //CMS instances are now fully operational. If you could not access the CMS previously, you should be able to nowIf you are still having issues, please contact Support via the Case Portal   UPDATE: July 30th @ 9:57am UTC //CMS instances should now be operational. We are continuing to investigate. We will provide an hourly update.   UPDATE: July 30th @ 8:51am UTC //CMS instances are still down. We are continuing to investigate. We are working to restore ASAP.We will provide an hourly update.   July 30th @ 7:50am UTC //Some CMS instances are down. We are investigating as a priority. Some CMS Instances are down.We are working to restore ASAP.We will provide more updates here as soon as they are available.