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TMF a Live Page

How can I TMF from a page that has already gone Live? Currently, in order to TMF a page that has already gone live, I have to branch off of it to create a new asset in draft, then TMF from there. What if I don't want to create a new asset?

For example, we have gone live with our entire US English site and some pages for our Chinese and Indian sites. We want to flesh out our Chinese and Indian sites with some more pages from the US English site, but the pages are already live. Are we forced to create more assets in Draft to TMF from?

Thank you!

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Crownpeak Employee

You should not have to branch a live page in order to send it through the TMF to another locale. As long as the page doesn't already exist in the destination locale, you should be able to use the TMF to send it. However, if the page does exist in the destination locale you should be presented with some options to overwrite the page at the destination locale with the contents of the page that you are editing. If this is not what you're seeing perhaps you could open a support ticket with some examples and we should be able to take a look at your specific instance.


Edward Chan
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