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I am aware that you can search for a specific word on CP such as Investment. But is there anyway that I can search for a specific phrase, such as Investment Bank? Thanks

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Hi Natalie,

Can you able to do sorting based on number of occurrence of string value[Investment] in the search G2 result ?

Because i have some logic where i have to do sorting based on number of occurrence of string value.

Search: Plumbing – will try to find how many times plumbing is available in “custom_s_heading”  and sort it based on the number of occurrence. Then find the same in “content” and sort and display.

For example: below are some values of “custom_s_heading”,

Sentence 1: My name is plumbing

Sentence 2: Plumbing can be done with those who knows plumbing works. Plumbing is an easy job.

Sentence 3: My plumbing work is in progress. Plumbing is good.

Since the 2nd sentence is having plumbing 3 times, it will return as first item from the search G2 result followed by sentence 3(2 times word plumbing used) and sentence 1(only 1 time word plumbing used).


Tried with this SOLR sort parameter but it didn,t helped me "sort=custom_s_heading(home,max)%20desc"

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