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Restore view permissions to folder in the CMS

I was doing some testing in the CMS and I've accidentally removed all View permissions on a folder.  What's the easiest way to restore view access? 

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Crownpeak (Retired)

One way to do this would be to use the Access API Swagger interface to reset the permissions by setting them back to "Inherit from parent".

  1. Ensure you are logged into the CMS before accessing the Swagger UI
  2. Go to the Access section and /accessapi/Access/Save method
  3. Copy the following JSON into the request field:
      "AssetsIds": [NNNNNNN],
      "InheritsFromParent": true
  4. Edit the JSON block and replace the placeholder NNNNNN with the appropriate asset id
  5. Click on "Try it out!". This will make the Access API request.
  6. Verify that you get back a "resultCode": "conWS_Success" in the response.

⚠️ This method will reset all the permissions to be those from the folder's parent, removing any customisation you have made.

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Hi Marcus, 


I've just tried the Swagger API, but I'm getting this error in response.


{ "resultCode": "conWS_ActionNotAllowed", "errorMessage": "", "internalCode": 0 }


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Please raise a ticket with the Crownpeak Support team with the CMS instance, the user account you were trying this with, and the affected folder. They will be able to fix the view permissions (if that is what you want in the short-term) and/or advise on whether the user has the required permissions to do this.

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