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Pagination on cms side not visible

Did the most recent update remove the pagination from COD10? 

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Crownpeak Employee

HI, yes, pagination was removed from file view in the CMS in favor of an infinite scroll view. 

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New Creator

Hi David, We noticed this change as well (which isn't covered in the 3.71 release notes), and frankly, are not happy about it. Due to the nature of how we are using DXM, we have file views that currently contain 709+ objects and its continuing to grow. We used to be able to jump to the last page so we could get to items with a Z, but that's no longer possible due to infinite scrolling. The only way to get to the end of the list is to scroll and reload 9 times, and that will only get worse as we add more items to that list. So what used to be accomplished with a single click takes over 30 seconds, along with all the repetitive scrolling. We also have 2 employees navigating Crownpeak full time, so this takes place dozens of times each day per person so muscle and joint fatigue is now an issue where it wasn't previously.

Please bring back pagination, or at least add it as a UI element to a users profile so that people can choose the option that works best for them because infinite scrolling is not an upgrade that benefits our use of the system.

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