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Clone + update publishing paths to new folder name

We were wondering if this possible in Crown Peak:

  • Clone a folder  to a new name PLUS
  • recursively Have all the publishing paths update to the new folder name
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Thank you for the question. 

When you clone a folder from one site and/or folder and paste into another site or folder, if the original publishing was based on the site root or parent folder, publishing will automatically adjust to the new site/folder.  Most sites are setup with publishing set at the root with all publishing inheriting from that site root so the publishing paths adjust automatically throughout the child folders/assets.  However links within those assets need to be relinked.  The CMS does not store internal links by path, it is stored by asset id.  This allows publishing properties to be adjusted.  When you clone content to create a new version, the internal links remain pointed to the same assets.  The easiest approach to relink is to write a script that will find the matching links and relink them.  This approach applies specifically to clones that mirror previous sites.  For scenarios where the site is completely different, this will require manual linking.

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Ken Snyder
VP, Customer Support & Cloud Operations

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Thanks Ken. The situation we have is we are renaming one of our products. The main Business folder does not have any Packages applied. (See attachment). However all the pages/assets (in subfolder too) do (second attachment)  When we try clone, the package path obviously dont update.

Would you recommend setting the package paths for Business root folder and then clone?

I'll also pass on your comment about script to my team to assess if possible option
(any resources on this type of scripting would be helpful)

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