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Breadcrumbs do not match - issues


I am supporting a company's website maintenance using CrownPeak CMS. 

I have made files under certain folders and published(deployed to Staged/Live).

The website page looks fine but the breadcrumb doesn't match with the file's real path.

for example, 

the files real path:  Company/KR/KO/Products/Products File/Species/Product_name_Index

on the website's breadcrumb: home / Product_name_Index

- How can I  fix/update the breadcrumb? 
(I have already tried meta tabs "Breadcrumbs Configuration" on the page files, it is standard and the same as other website's page file (I am also supporting other websites using Crownpeak CMS)

- Also, I want to change the breadcrumbs' name such as 'home' -> 'my home' / 'Product' -> 'Dogs Product' How can I control it?


I m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks 😃

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Head of Support

Breadcrumbs for your website are custom built for each site by the developers that built it.  For this reason you need to open a support ticket so your implementation can be reviewed to identify how it was implemented and how you can make the changes you are looking to do.


You can go here to submit a support case:


Or email




Ken Snyder
VP, Customer Support & Cloud Operations

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Thanks for your reply.

I emailed to the address. 

Hope I can get helped with this issue asap = )


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