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DQM Release Notes - 16th March 2021

Enhancements to the New DQM UI

Page Analyzer Released


We are pleased to inform everyone that Page Analyzer is now available in the new DQM User Interface.

Page AnalyzerPage Analyzer

The release of Page Analyzer prompts a milestone for the new DQM UI because it completes one of the most important user journeys within DQM.

Website Owners and editors can now use the new UI to review the websites they manage, look at the issues found by the platform, and through page analyzer go into the details of a particular issue found within the page.

Time series chart to the new Website Overview page


Work has now started to bring in the time series chart to the website overview page which is intended to give a historical snapshot and trend on how specific websites are doing against the issues found within DQM.

Updates to the Checkpoint Management auditing service

OCD-22306 - Retrieve data from db for asset metadata endpoint in Checkpoint service
OCD-22156 - Add ALB support for audit service (checkpoint side of affairs)
OCD-21884 - Productionize audit service for Checkpoint Management
OCD-22303 - Create new skeleton assets endpoint in Checkpoint service

Work is ongoing for Checkpoint Management that has been released in the new DQM UI, the current work relates to the auditing service that will keep track of configuration changes that are made using the Checkpoint Management feature.

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