Crownpeak (Retired)

DQM Release Notes - 16th February 2021

OCD-17813 - Create top level Website Inventory Page in new DQM UI

The front end design for the Website Inventory Page top-level table has been created. This is initial work that is being done to prepare the inventory page of the new DQM UI.

OCD-17842 - Create Page Analyzer File Details in new DQM app [Non-HTML/PDF/Images/Hollow/etc] - Phase 1

The front end design for Page Analyzer – File Details has been created. The file details page has different views available based on the type of asset being analyzed, such as PDFs and images. This is initial work that is being done to prepare the Page Analyzer for the new DQM UI.

OCD-21650 - Analyzer - Provide handling when user attempts to view Analyzer for a non-existent link

We have created functionality in order to handle instances where a Page Analyzer page is opened to an asset that does not exist. This is part of the error handling that is being built for the new DQM Page Analyzer interface in the new DQM UI.

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