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DQM Release Notes - 15th December 2020

Deep linking from DQM to DXM

An “Edit in DXM” link can now be set up in DQM for websites that are managed in Crownpeak Digital Experience Manager (DXM). This link can be seen in Page Analyzer, which is used to investigate issues for a specific page.

Edit in DXM linkEdit in DXM link

Clicking on this link will open the specific page being investigated in DXM. This helps you get to the page within the CMS faster and makes it easier and faster to correct issues identified from DQM.

You can learn more about this new feature in the Crownpeak Community page DQM to DXM Deep Linking.

New DQM Issues page

The Issues page is now available for early access users in the new DQM UI. The Issues page refreshes the look and feel of viewing checkpoints within DQM.

DQM Issues PageDQM Issues Page

This new layout makes it easier to see the full checkpoint names in one line and provides a quick preview of the 5 latest issue pages when selecting a checkpoint with issues. An option is also available to select the full list of issues.

OCD-20690 - DQM Checkpoint Management details page - Update - Phase 2

We have continued the work being done in the development of Checkpoint Management in the new DQM User Interface. This work adds the design behaviours to update functions to the first fields that will be available under Checkpoint Management

OCD-20999 - Create API to reset Checkpoint Management description fields

An API function has been created that will allow description fields to be reset to the default library description

OCD-21225 - Extend Checkpoint Management API to update ExtendedDesc field

We have added functionality to the Checkpoint Management API to allow the new Extended Checkpoint Description to be updated

OCD-21432 - Checkpoint API allow non-admin access

We have updated the Checkpoint API to be available for all user types as part of releasing the new DQM Issues page

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