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Webpage export capabilities DQM for Adobe Experience Manager

Good day,

We are looking to initiate DQM tool for our web environment to optimize our pages, but I would like to know the export capabilities of the tool. To be able to optimize the website for reporting purposes we need to ensure all pages are correctly tagged ensuring they are connected to the correct category. To do so we currently use exports which need to be manually created country by country. This takes a long time. (55 countries)

Can we create csv/xlsx exports of the full web environment including below elements:

- Country

- Content path / url

- Section name

- Page name

- Metadata (Title, description, Cataog path/categorization) 

- Page template


Let me know if you need any additional input from my end.

Thank you for your support.



Mark Slegers

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Director of UX

Hi @MarkSlegers 

Great Question. Our reporting is fairly robust, but I'd like to double-check coverage of the fields you mentioned before I respond. Our AEM Connector SME was pulled away today. I have a note in to them to jump in as soon as they return on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend.





Ari Weissman
Sr Director of UX & Community

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Crownpeak (Retired)

Hi Mark,

I wonder if it might be easier to answer this by email, in case I misunderstand what you are trying to achieve here.  If you feel that is the case then contact me by raising a support ticket at and ask them to pass you on to me.

If I understand you correctly, you are looking for site content and not digital quality data.  I believe this would be a simple process to achieve; however, it should be performed within AEM as the CMS will have full access to the data you require.  For example, DQM wouldn't necessarily be able to find the AEM template that is being used on a page as this is likely not available on the front-end (despite Adobe being tightly coupled).  The other elements you are requesting should be pretty easy to capture from within a custom report inside AEM too.

Crownpeak does have APIs for querying the data they hold on your site; however, I don't think this will have the information you need.

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