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Hi, I am aware that you are able to search for a specific word on CP such as, Investment but is there a way that I could search for a specific phrase, such as Investment Bank? Thanks, Natalie 

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Hi Natalie,

Yes, In DQM you can search the Keyword or specific phrase under the ‘File & Content Finder’ option.

Apart from that, we can also create a custom checkpoint or content asset report to find the keywords like 'Investment', 'Investment Bank', script or any URL pattern. The checkpoint would highlight the keywords but it would increase the number of issues in the dashboard whereas the content asset will only serve the URLs which has the mentioned keyword.

In case if you have any requests or find any issue then, I would suggest creating a new case by sending an email to or you can also create a case through our community portal. We appreciate if you can share a few examples with error description and screenshot for reference.


Parul Mishra
Lead, Product Support

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thank you .

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