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DQM daily updates

Is it possible to manually update the ADA DQM scan to current time/day? I see an update from 2 days ago and need to see the current status. Thank you for your help!

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We like to keep scans at weekly but we also understand there are times you are making changes and would like updated data more than once a week.  To update the scan schedule you will need to submit a case to support asking us to change the frequency, the default frequency is once a week.  If you are making smaller changes you can always use Page Checker to test a page after the changes have been done and before the next scheduled scan.

If you want us to change the scan frequency then include the following in the support case.

  1. Dashboard Name.
  2. Frequency you want us to change it too (weekly, ever other day, daily, Mondays and Thursdays, etc)
  3. How long you need us to scan at this new frequency.


Randy Soulis
Applications Support Specialist

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