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Checkpoint 7.2 Dates Should be Expressed by Spelling out the Month

One of the business  owners I work with was asking about the flexibility of this checkpoint.  It is my understanding that we can either express a date as January 27, 2021 or 27 January, 2021.  However, they have been giving us dates in all kinds of formats that we remediate. Are those the only two options? 

Thank you

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Crownpeak Employee

This checkpoint looks for numeric dates in the U.K. or U.S. format e.g. 30/1/2020, 27-04-18, 1/30/2001, etc. If they're using month names, the checkpoint shouldn't pick that up (so January 27, 2021 or 27 January, 2021 won't be reported, for example).

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