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Checkpoints - All pages should contain a link to cookies policy

Summary  This checkpoint relates to the EU cookie law which is designed to inform users
Body  The checkpoint is designed to assist in looking into the EU cookie policy and is useful for websites operating in the EU as well as those outside the EU who would like to target a European audience. The checkpoint is designed to look for a cookie link in every page in your website. This will show users that there is an attempt to inform them about how the website uses cookies.

For a number of websites information related to cookies are placed within other pages such as privacy information or terms and conditions. It is important to note that this can be misinterpreted as an attempt to hide the policy deep within a website. To avoid this situation it is suggested to have a separate link on every page informing users that a cookie policy is available. This link can then be directed to the page where information on the website cookies is available.


Technical Details: This checkpoint examines the entire HTML source code and reports an issue if it does not find a link <a> with the word "Cookie Policy / Cookie" or variations of this word in the link or link text.
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