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How to position "Cookie Consent" button in a particular place instead of default behavior


how to place the  "Cookie Consent"  button next to an element in the footer,


how override the default positioning of  "Cookie Consent"


ex:   home |  settings  |  cookie consent

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Hello arjun!

You can change the positioning of the button within our UI by clicking on Template & Assets and then selecting the Styles tab in the main menu bar. From here you can modify an existing style or create a new one.

You can find a quick view of what the section to edit the button looks like at the link here:

As an additional observation, if you want to nest access to the button in the footer specifically I would recommend using the link option on your notices instead of the button option.  The link can be styled to look like a button if you wish, and is placed on your page by adding a class to the page in the location which you want it to show.  If you select the link option on your notice, design the link to look as you want (editing the link is in the same part of the UI as editing the button, you just want to click on the section that says Link), and then place the following class in your footer where you want the link to show on the page:

<span class="evidon-notice-link"></span>

That will place the link to allow access to the options dialog in your footer.


Andrew Moody
Lead Privacy Analyst

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