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Un-identified Vendors in UCP's

How does Tracking company work on-site?

In order for a Tracking Company to collect data from consumers on your site, they need a ‘Tag’ with their code to load in one or more of the pages on your site. Tags come in several forms, including JavaScript tags, image tags, Flash objects (not as popular as in the past due to browsers blocking use of Flash (SWF) files, and more. For our purposes, what they share in common is that they are bit of code that loads on a page or pages with instructions that include a call to a server for further instructions. Those instructions frequently include some combination of checking for existing cookies from the Tracking Company, the setting of new cookies if none are found, and the storing of information on the server associated with unique ID’s placed in each cookie.

How Evidon identify the Vendors.

The Crownpeak vendor database maintains lots of vendors’ data and their tag pattern information. The scanner matches the pattern to identify the vendor.



How do we add the vendor in our database?

Sometimes you might not find the existing tag vendor in UCP or Tag Auditor. The reason can be because it's not available in our database. Then you need to submit a request to add vendor in our Evidon Database.

The new Vendor request should be submitted through https://www.evidon.com/contact-us/submit-a-tracker/. It will create the request for our database team to add the vendor.


All they need is

1> Tracker Name

2> Company website link

3> Tracker Pattern

4> Optout information -'Global opt-out list ' or "indirect opt-out".

Note:- So to add "indirect opt-out" we need the URL which needs to be clicked and Optout cookie info which is going to be dropped.